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Why SMBs Move To Cloud-Based Services

Small and medium-sized businesses are able to thrive better than ever before thanks to quickly emerging technologies.  Actually, these technologies have been around for awhile but it is only now that we have really been able to capitalize on materials, intelligence, and mechanics to develop an age that is truly unique. And, if things continue the way they have been, Meade Willis cloud based WMS will easily be the flagship platform for most businesses around the world.

Data shows that approximately one half of all small or medium sized businesses (up to 20 employees) have paid for tech support last year.  Actually, in any given year at least half SMBs pay for tech support.  In addition, larger “small” businesses (up to 99 employees) have also been found to be more likely to purchase a subscription for tech support. This demonstrates a great—and growing—need for these services.   

Indeed, cloud-based computing can serve SMBs in a wide variety of ways.  Small and medium-sized businesses have a few specific needs and wants which could be quite easily served with cloud computing.

The Marketplace

Once an SMB is introduced to the efficiency of cloud computing they quickly start to find other areas of weakness which they could serve.  For example, an SMB might learn that it starts to get more complicated handling all of the vendor relationships they have to maintain; and the more you grow, the more vendors you are likely to deal with. In addition, an SMB can find it gets harder and harder to efficiently maintain service level agreements without bringing in some outside help.  In fact, at least half of all SMBs quickly find they prefer to buy their IT and cloud services from a single source (instead of choosing several outsourcing agents).


Web presence is important these days, for every business no matter the size or the service.  And if web presence is important to you—which it should be—then being online as much as possible is also important. And that means you have to concern yourself with “downtime”.  When your site is down, you are invisible to all of the people on the internet who might be looking for your business.  


Finally, SMBs need technical support.  Most companies outsource this aspect of the business, especially in the beginning, so cloud-based service providers already include it. It makes the services more attractive and more efficient at the same time.