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What is Penetration Testing and Why is it Important

The concept of penetration testing is gaining importance in these days. This type of testing is also called the pen testing is actually a human-oriented real world attack on the particular network or the application that running in the computer. This testing helps in identifying the vulnerabilities and the weaknesses of the specific system. If your organization is at the risk, you can take help of the penetration testing that helps in the identification of the risk that affect your organization. In these days, there are various companies that are taking help of this kind of testing.

The pen testing concept is one of the parts of the industrial approach that help in the identification and the quantification of the risk. They are used to “exploit” the vulnerabilities and type of harmful exposure that can affect the applications, people, work power, processes and the applications of the industry. With the exploitation approach, the pen testing is able to provide the protection around the vulnerability that is caused in the organization’s process along with preventing threats and likelihood.

It is obviously possible for the efficient pen tester to have the access to the operating system, maintaining the database records and also the application logic. Companies like Nettitude provide the right type of penetration testing services where the tool has the active exploitation with the interconnected system, and thus offer guidance to the risk  against all the counter measures.

Know the process of pen testing?

Organizations like Nettitude have the strong procedure for the testing that extends across the infrastructure to the application testing engagements. Each of the processes is tailored as per the requirements of the customers. The important steps that are followed in the process of pen testing includes the scoping, enumeration, mapping and service identification, vulnerability analysis, service exploitation, pivoting and the report making.


There are various benefits of using the pen testing procedure. It provides the security personnel the real experience to deal with the intrusion. This method is done without informing the staffs and this will allow the company to test whether the security policies are implemented in the right way or not. The pen testing can cover the security policy that is lacking within the organization. With the help of this type of testing, the security professionals can uncover the organization’s threats that the staffs were unable to detect and remove. If your organization is having the risk, with the help of this type of testing, it can identify the threats in the process like the real world does. This will help in revealing various problems that are associated with the system. The report from the penetration testing process helps in the feedback for any future security investments for your organization.

While there is pen testing in your company, it will help you to prevent doing further mistakes. When the developer will see there is an outsider attack, it will motivate him to take actions. As the mobile web usage overtakes desktop for the first time, Pen Testing now becomes more popular.