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What are the Tools Involved in Digital Forensics?

There are a plethora of tools created by programmers to be used for computer forensics purposes. For various police departments, the selection of tools is reliable on the budget of the department and the available expertise. Here is a list of a few Elijaht digital forensics investigators programs that make digital investments possible by all means.

  1. Disk imaging software

The role of disk imaging software is to record the structure and contents stored in a hard drive. With the help of such a software, it makes it possible for the examiners to not only copy the information stored in the drive, but also store the files in an organized manner and their relationship to one another.

  1. Software or hardware write tools

The role of hardware or software write tools is to copy and reconstruct hard drive by all means, bit by bit. Both the hardware and the software tools work at their best to avoid moderating any information. Some tools need the examiners to get rid of the hard drives from the suspect’s computer first before making its copy.

  1. Hashing tools

The role of hashing tools is to compare original hard disks to the copies made. The tools implement analysis of data and assign it a unique number. If in any case, the assigned hash numbers on an original and a copy match with each other, the copy is the perfect duplicate of the original.

  1. File recovery programs

Examiners also make the best of file recovery programs to seek and restore the deleted data. These programs spot the data that the computer system has marked for deleting it but it has not yet overwritten. Sometimes it also results in an incomplete file, which makes it more difficult for analysis.

  1. There are many programs available which are created in order to store the information in computer’s RAM or Random Access Memory. The data in the RAM stops to exist once the computer is shut down. If you don’t use an appropriate software, this information can be lost easily.
  2. Analysis software goes through all the data in the hard drive, looking for particular content. As modern computers are able to hold gigabytes of data, it is very hard and time-consuming to look for computer files manually.
  3. Password cracking software and encryption encoding software are used in order to access the protected data.