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What Are The Smartest Anti-Hacking Techniques That Hackers Cannot Breach?

There are a lot of things that you should know about cybercrime and cybersecurity before learning about the ways in which you can safeguard your company from hackers. The first of all those important things is to understand the importance of installing a security camera.

What Are The Ways In Which Security Cameras Protect An Office Space?

It is inarguable that security cameras too can be hacked. And with cameras hacked, a company surely suffers a doom. Having said that, this can still be avoided if you know how to identify a hacked security camera between the sober ones. The best ways to do so are given below.

  • Closely hear the sound the camera emits. If the sound resembles the noise coming out of a radio, it means that the camera could be hacked
  • When working on a computer system, you should keep an eye on the functioning of the webcam to ensure that no one is using it to remotely watch you. The one sure shot trick to determine so is monitoring the LED light of the webcam. If it sways from on to off and vice-versa despite you did not touch it, it means the webcam is hacked

Now that you know how to timely identify a hacked camera, it’s time you learn how security cameras safeguard a company.

  1. Burglars avoid robbing the companies guarded with security cameras if the risk seems too much
  2. Employees do not involve in treacherous tactics to exploit the resources of the company by stealing physical possessions or security data that belongs to the company
  3. Cases of sexual harassment automatically reduce since when watched, such foul desires automatically curb with the fear of being caught and penalized

Safest Smart Techniques To Discourage Hackers

Now that you’re well versed with the benefits of security cameras, just run down the guide below to learn about the ways in which you can fend off hacking attempts.

  • Have a strong backdoor password guarding your security system so that hackers get no free meals to feed on
  • Install tools like a firewall and an antivirus system to eliminate the risk of hacking due to serious viruses like a trojan horse or malware like ransomware
  • Run bounty programs and also use network testing services by professionals. These two ways are resourceful means of debugging the entire security system
  • Keep the dvr authentication password secret so that no one can enter the surveillance feed to steal data or money
  • Ensure that you do not put the dvr at the risk of suffering a virus attack by pairing external devices having viruses or hidden malware. To do so, scan the devices using the antivirus system before opening any files