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West Bend Microwave –Safely cook your food

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FDA (The food and Drug Administration) regulates and specifies the standards of microwave ovens. Ovens manufactured according to FDA standards are safe to use. You must read the fine print of manufacturers’ instruction for the safe and sound use and utility. Microwave ovens use electromagnetic radiation to cook, heat, food, and drinks. Two characteristics make west bend microwave useful for cooking. Firstly they are absorbed by food; secondly, they penetrate through glass, plastic, porcelain, or other materials. An electron tube called magnetron produces microwaves inside the oven. The microwaves get reflected inside the oven until they are absorbed by the food. The water molecule starts vibrating by the microwaves, producing heat.

Precautions to avoid exposure

Do not open the door while the micro oven is on; this leads to exposure of detrimental microwave rays. There should be no obstruction between the oven front face and door. The sealing surface must be clean and devoid of dirt or cleansing residuals. If the oven is damaged, do not use it. Regularly check the door, hinges and latches, door seals, and sealing facade. Allow only qualified, expert personnel to repair or regulate the oven. 

Reduce the risk

Go through the fine print of the manufactures guide before using the device. Fire is useful when monitored and controlled, and with cooking devices, close supervision is necessary. Overcooking leads to over hearting, which could ignite a fire on combustible materials like plastic, paper which are used to assist cooking. Before you put plastic or paper containers inside the oven, remove wire ties or metal handles from them. If a fire starts inside the oven, do not get overwhelmed, do not open the door, but switch off the oven, unplug the wire. Keep the oven clean and free from clutters like cooking utensils and paper products when not in use.

Summing up

Place and install the oven according to the user guide manual. Some food products like whole egg, sealed container, and glass pot should not be heated inside the oven; it may explode. The oven is designed only for cooking purposes, not for industrial or laboratory use. Using acidic chemicals or vapors can damage the appliance. Close supervision is necessary when your child is using it. A twisted, damaged wire or plug can cause a short circuit, mend it before using the oven. Get in touch with the nearest authorized service station for repair, maintenance, assessment, or adjustment of the oven. It is not suitable for outdoor use. Ovens should never be placed near water like a kitchen sink or in a wet basement; it may cause an electrical short circuit.