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Web Design Trends for 2017

To step along with the fast-paced digital world, you need to fuelup with the emerging trends. At the Farwell of 2016, we were introduced to many fascinating and eye-catching trends in the design industry. It has introduced animation and the art of incorporating minimalist form into creative layouts. However, all the trendy features have reached to anext level of creativity and innovation in 2017.

To guide you in making improvisations on your current website or to craft out a masterpiece of beauty, I have listed the trends of 2017 below. Read on and get yourself prepared to rock this year.


Animation- the most adopted website designing feature is being the center stage this year. Adding animation does not make your work odd. You can add a subtle transition between pages, content, and section on your site with catchy animated features. Your website shows smooth changes between its major components and in much more of a narrative way, it will display every feature at a prescribed time. This form of designing adds more credibility to your site and helps to entice your visitors.

Rich Typography

With the hustle and bustle of the design industry, where new trends are emerging, a great alteration in the typefaceis seen. Where marketers preferred Helvetica, Open Sans and Roboto Lato fonts for their headers, custom logo design, and onsite content, now is the time for geometric typeface, serif typeface, and monospaced typeface to rule the world.

You have to take some courageous decisionsby enhancing technological capabilities to make your site able to stand out from the crowd. Break letters, add images or animation and embellish it using greater diversities.

Greater Implementation of Responsive Design

Creating a responsive site has been in-trend during the last year too, but today the trend has rocketed among many marketers and business owners. To make the websites fit in even on the smallest screens of smart phones or smart handheld devices, the world of digital marketing is getting squeezed and improvised.

Most people browse using smart phones. Hence, you need to design such website either by using grid layouts, light graphics or high definition images that do not spoil its look when it is opened in multiple sized screens.

Add Bright Colors

As the year 2016 passed by designers and marketers have sought refuge behind bold and daring colors. From blending multiple palettes to experimenting darker shades, designers have incorporated bright colors in creating out amazing typography. The themes and layouts, images and graphics everything seems to have worn the colors of brightness and boldness. Not to forget a professional approach too is taken into account when working on selecting the right shades. Therefore, this year be bold!

Wrapping Up

No matter what, where 2017 opens up many exciting avenues to experiment, it has also alerted about the competitive dangers lurking around the corner. You need to polish your skills and learn to adopt new expertise. You have to keep a close watch on the way others are infusing these trends and how successfully they are creating a mind-blowing and productive site. So, do not let your guards down.