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Ways to Download Torrents from IsoHunt on a Mac

IsoHunt is a popular torrent source in an extensive content category range. Gary Fung is the founder of this IsoHunt which is considered to be a home to a number of pirated content. This website is user-friendly and constitutes a great variety of torrent files which are absolutely ready for download. One can use this application for downloading movies.

One can make use of Folx, IsoHunt downloader for mac for accessing various kinds of movies, animes, and software and games anything that one wishes to have. IsoHunt is one amazing website which can be greatly used for getting torrent files downloaded by making use of another great app, the Folx. Folx is considered as one of the best torrent clients, especially for Mac. It is quite simple as well as efficient in downloading torrent. Other great benefits that are offered by this app is its ability for assigning different priorities for some specific downloading tasks; regulation of download and also optimisation of internet speed; tagging of downloaded content for making it simpler to sort as well as manage files.

Here are few steps to start downloading torrents through IsoHunt downloader

  • The download task is to create at first by following the steps:
  1. The menu is to be opened, and then a file is to chosen, and further New Task is to be selected
  2. The ‘+’ button is to be pressed which is on the main widow’s top side.
  3. Then the download link is to be clicked after selecting the ‘Use Folx to catch Download links in browsers’ under ‘Preferences.’
  • The following are the download options which are to chosen
  1. The file URL is to be pasted
  2. The tags are to be assigned
  3. Then ‘save to’ is to be clicked to select the download path
  4. Based on the first chosen tag, one needs to select whether they want the Folx to select the download path manually or automatically or scheduled time
  5. Then the number of threads is to be chosen so as to split the files that are being downloaded by clicking ‘split ’
  6. Then the files need to be renamed
  7. Then the referrer URL is to be selected so as to download the respective content
  8. A description is then to be chosen for the downloading file
  9. The authentication is required to download the content
  10. Then ‘set as Default’ can be selected to keep the current settings saved