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Vital Gains You Get with CDNs

In the past few years, CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) have brought about a sea change in the way hosting is done. Instead of using a single server for web hosting, you can now use multiple systems for loading and file distribution.

Generally, CDNs host images, audio clips, videos, and JavaScript, and CSS files. All private, as well as public CDN processes, have HTML5 shims, fonts, CSS resets, JavaScript libraries, and other such features available to users.

CDNs are offered for free by web organizations such as Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google, and video hosting is done freely by sites like Vimeo and YouTube. But private CDNs are also available for commercial use like MaxCDN, UCDN, Amazon S3, and Microsoft Azure that let you host files on your own.

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Irrespective of the free or paid versions you go for, CDNs are vital for your online presence. Here are a few crucial benefits you gain with CDN services.

Flexible File Download

Browsers usually have restriction on the file downloads done to a domain. Most often four downloads or active connections are the maximum number allowed while a fifth one is not permitted until one among the files downloaded before is retrieved completely.

This file download limit is seen whenever you want to download big files from a single site. Since CDN files are present in a separate domain, one CDN allows download of multiple files at a time by the browser.

Pre-cached Files

jQuery, the CDN offered by Google, is used prevalently on the web. The chances of a visitor to your webpage having visited a website using jQuery are high. So your browser would have cached the file already, negating the need to download the file again.

Robust Infrastructures

Even if your hosting is good, it cannot match the scalability or volume that Yahoo, Microsoft or Google can provide. Low network latency and packet loss and better availability can be assured of when you use the top-notch CDN solutions.

Faster Downloads

With most CDNs offering localised data centres, it is much easier to have faster downloads now. If you have a web server that is based in Houston, users from Asia or Europe need to do several electronic flights across continents to access the files in your site. Efficient CDNs do away with such delays completely.

With a cost efficient CDN solution, you can have a balanced load distribution, save bandwidth, reduce hosting costs, and enhance your website’s performance easily and quickly too, thereby driving growth and revenue to your business.

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James addresses those benefits which you own after implementing an effective CDN solution. To choose a better private CDN, he suggests going with UCDN which takes care of your needs an affordable way possible.