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Videoconferencing System The Best Free Alternatives For More Participants

You searched for “videoconference system”? Want to find out the best video conferencing tools out there? Then, read this guide where I reviewed and compared the best free and low-cost video conferencing equipment, ideally when you have more participants in your online meetings.

They were only reserved for professionals with big budgets, expensive computers, and fast Internet connections, but now you can make secure video conferencing with a system that allows anyone to create online video-conferencing in an absolutely free way, or at a price that you will see, Is more than adequate to all pockets.

Also, most of these tools work directly from your browser. Without installing anything on your machine, you can attend an online conference from any computer you have available. And he thinks that some of these services also works on smartphones like the iPhone or Android phones.

But it’s not over here: Video conferencing tools often complement additional features, here’s a few: you can make calls using VoIP technology, share your screen, record sessions, share files, or share a shared blackboard. If you’re also willing to spend a few euros, then other types of additional features like better video quality, more participants, advanced controls to manage your meetings, and total personalization of your conferences are also available (for example, adding Your logo at the online session you’re holding).

To help you choose the best tool for you, I’ve selected some comparative criteria to compare these solutions with multiple participants and I have prepared a benchmark so that you can easily choose what you need.

Here are the criteria I used for my comparison:

1) Unified Communication Platform: Type of tool (software / web-based).

2) Video channels: Number of simultaneous participants to a videoconference (referenced only to multi-participant tools).

3) Public Conference: Possibility to organize a fully public videoconference.

4) Widget: Flash widget published on websites or social media.

5) Session Recording: Feature that allows you to record your video conferencing sessions for a follow up or review.

6) Text chat: Chat with other participants.

7) Other features: File upload, screen sharing, real-time annotations, shared blackboard, etc.

8) Account start-up price: Price and additional features of the first pro account available.