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Since smart phones have been a necessity these days, you make a decision on what is the best phone for you perhaps or even android phones have been in top in the market today. The task of choosing the best phone for you is not easy as well as the liberty to modify your smart phone or android phones.

Some smart phones or android phones have these built in applications provided by the manufacturers. This application helps you in navigating a list of your apps and also provides features on the interface.

However the user has the freedom of choice to personalize their phones. There are app developers who have launched a couple of mobile applications that is making way in the market especially with android users.

UC mini on android users

Uc mini or uc browser mini is a good alternative way for android users because of its features when it comes to easier and quick accessibility. Uc mini has quick speed and advance features that makes android browsers available. It provides a good browsing experience in a tiny package. Why? Since the uc mini is a “lightweight” browser that lets the android users when it lets lower the specs and there is less storage space.


Uc mini is free to use and is free to download and uc mini takes the task of performing faster when it comes to notifications and news on your android phones. Android phone users will no longer experience low specs, lacs and hanging because of uc mini browser.

Why choose uc mini?

Uc mini has all the distinctive features for an android phone or smart phone perhaps. Uc mini has all the traits of uc browser and has been awarded as the “best browser”.  It has been popularizes since it is packed with special features on a smaller or tiny size and more users opt to use uc mini.

Users choose uc mini since it is lightweight browser that is useful and especially to devices that has lower specs and less storage space. Aside from its compatibility with operating systems like iOS, android, Symbian, blackberry and etc.

Uc mini comes in a small package and even it comes in a small size, it allows great browsing experience because of easier and faster access or browsing. Uc mini is also known for smart downloading since it can support multiple files download at one point faster and when downloading gets interrupted there is an auto reconnection.

Uc mini is able to monitor multiple downloads and manages destination folders by means of automatically organizing extension, APK’s, videos, documents and music into separate menus on your device.

Other feature on uc mini/uc browser is that it has a QR reader, customize screenshots and an ad blocker.

Uc mini has a version for low-range smart phones. It can run on any device with Android 2.2 or higher and for the loading of webpage on 2G data connection, the multimedia content is compressed in a smaller size than the original.

Another feature of uc mini is that it doesn’t leave any trace of browsing or you can do your browsing privately since there is a special window that you need to open before browsing and with uc mini, it can be activated through drop down option in the browser. It has also a pop-up blocker that avoids a third party while downloading; this can be on your desktop or smart phone. When we are browsing, pop-up ads will start appearing on the screen, as they are part of the browser, uc mini has ad blocker for windows and android.

Uc mini browser has gone through several upgrades and is continuously improving its performance that the users are never disappointed.