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Top 5 Websites For Freelance Content Writers

For every passing day, you may find many sites for freelancing writers. Freelancing sites are a good option for starting a career in freelancing. It is not only the option, but it is the best option for freelancers. Here are the top 5 websites for freelance content writers. Have a brief look at them.


Contentmart is a great platform for beginners. Though the pay is less, you can compete with your fellow writers and you have to compete to stay in the field. Rove yourself, excel being creative, effective and efficient. Show up your skills, the clients will come to you. You will be paid less, so it is recommended for beginners, not experienced. Clients will decide to whom they can assign the work after checking their samples. So the best writers always have great work ahead.


Upwork is one of the best of its kind for the freelancers. It can be well suited for beginners to experienced. Based on your working skills you will be paid. You can decide your rates based on the work you take up to do. It has easy to use interface, jobs are classified into different categories.

Text Broker

Text broker works on the ratings you get to your work. Based on your ratings your pay will be decided. If you excel in no time, the fee you will be paid will be in the same range. Native writers are given priority here. As a beginner, it takes some time for you to get a good rating. But if once you pick up the pace, then you will be paid for the quality work.

White Panda

White Panda is an ideal place for freelance content writers. The writers here have full command on what can be chosen to work and where and how the service will be provided. Writers are given some parameters, based on these parameters the writers will be paid. Deadlines are straight 5 business days. So no need of hurrying in delivering the content. SO you can obviously have a lot time to work on the projects and I’m sure the quality and content will be perfect when taken time.

People Per Hour

As the name says, the freelancing content writers will be paid based on the basis of the number of works they work. It can also be based on days when the client and the freelancer are comfortable with. Only quality writers are allowed here, based on the application process, it is decided. It is best suited for a bit experienced writers. The beginners will find it a bit difficult to stand on this platform for a long time.

These are some of the best top five websites for freelance content writers. Based on the level of your experience and excellence you can choose the one best suited for your type. Always give your best to stay for longer time in these websites. Take your time to stand on these sites but make sure you provide quality work to be on the line for longer time.