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Three Web Design Predictions for 2018

A good web design is one of the main tenets of a business’s success. A beautifully crafted and unique site can transform your online presence and help you to stand out from the competition, as well as providing exceptional user experiences.

However, web design is a constantly evolving industry, with designers having to keep pace with rapid technology changes on a regular basis. As designs become out of date very quickly and trends fluctuate, it’s important to know the cutting-edge developments that are taking the internet world by storm.

Here, we’ve found three of the top predictions for 2018 in the world of web design so you can stay ahead of the game.

Mobile-first on a wider scale

While some web designers have started to prioritise mobiles as opposed to desktops, we expect it to become much more widespread as we head into next year.

Smartphones are now officially the main device used for searching the web, with 60% of searches appearing on mobiles and so we anticipate more and more businesses to take advantage of this.

We spoke to digital marketing specialists Liquid Bubble, who said: “It’s vital that business owners keep the end-user in mind at all times. In order to maximise conversions, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to use your site and optimising it for mobiles is the best way to do this. That’s why all sites designed by our team are fully responsive and mobile-friendly.”

Bespoke illustrations

According to Gomie Design, more and more sites are turning to unique styles of illustrations, allowing businesses to get away from the corporate and clinical style of yore and engage a younger audience.

They add an element of fun to the site and are very versatile mediums. They can be used as large header images, custom iconography, and animated visuals, and be in the form of handmade sketches or line art icons, allowing brands to roll it out across their entire branding and establish a different image. It really allows a business to bring its branding to life and we expect an increasing number of companies to take advantage of this.

Clean layouts

While this doesn’t appear to be a very exciting development for 2018, clean and simple layouts actually serve a very exciting purpose in web design.

Throughout 2017, designers and developers began to simplify websites in order to improve mobile performance. Getting rid of image-heavy sites, which were slow and frustrating, and developing clean sites instead can help to improve mobile performance.

However, it also served another purpose: to pave the way for the Internet of Things! New technologies such as interactive animations, chatbots, virtual reality video, and a website that can interact with smart technology and devices will become more commonplace in 2018, with sites becoming smarter and cutting-edge without the messy layout.

This post by TheeDesign has some more great predictions for the coming year and is an essential read for those looking to keep on trend in the world of web design!