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Some Tools to Help Find a Domain Name

If, the ideal domain name is not available (at least as .com), then you have to be creative and try domain services for sale.

But if something is not just for you, as it did for me, then you need to find a name that works and makes sense.

Things to consider when choosing a name

Finding a domain name can be difficult, but here are a small number of other things you should keep in mind. Try to keep the name relatively short, 2-3 words long. More is too long and heavy.

Unless you are developing a brand, try to get the main theme of your business name. Keep it as simple as possible. If people remember the name, you can easily tell others too.

Avoid abbreviations, complex words or unusual spelling. The main thing to consider is that you want your name to be memorable and easy.

Some tools to help you find domain names

Here are some online tools that I have found that allow you to combine words into available domain names and see if they are available. Try some of them and see what you can find:

  1. Bot – domains in what you want (for example, the words) and then gives you other available options
  1. Wordoid – To get a little ‘more creative. These points are made up of words, in the base of the original.
  1. Type the name you want, and the options appear below. It helps you find some creative solutions for the available names and domains
  1. – As mentioned earlier, only to find out if your name is available.

Final words

Choosing a domain name is difficult but it is important because once you have that you are stuck with it. So, take a little time to do some research. Think about where you want to sell (local or international), the type of name you want (the company. Personal Brand) and the type of domain you can live with (.com, country or other).

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