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Solutions & Benefits Of OBIEE

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (popularly known as OBIEE) is a suite of Business Intelligence (BI) tools introduced by Oracle Corp company. It empowers the user to deliver compelling set of reporting, OLAP, analysis, scorecard, ad-hoc query, and dashboard functionality with a sophisticated end-user experience that consists of collaboration, alerts, visualization and more in the list. For companies with other BI tool, this tool reduces the cost involved in setting up IT infrastructure as it is a proven web-related service -oriented framework, it can integrate with the current IT infrastructure. OBIEE training covers advanced topics of OBIEE such as failover and distributed computing.

Here are some of the key challenges faced by a Japanese air conditioner company and an electronic devices manufacturing company from malaysia. OBIEE delivers the below solutions and operational benefits of using it:

Key Challenges:

  • Source data from disparate systems: When data is received from different systems/sources, mapping and integrating that into the system is a challenge as the system shows limited monitoring and tracking functionalities.
  • Limited Data Analysis: Data is not working for a 360 degree view and end to end analysis.
  • Defect in Reporting tool: unable to generate real-time reports, absence of dynamic format reports and showing some errors while generating reports.
  • No Proactive or Alert Monitoring: when performance is deviating, no alerts are highlighted leading to performance issues and planning of basic prevention actions can be performed.

With OBIEE implementation, above challenges can be resolved with the following solutions:


  • Single source platform: organizes data from different sources and converts the data into useful information. Integration and mapping of data is simpler in OBIEE with no manual interference and redundancies.
  • Reporting Tool: This tool makes the user to build, develop and generate reports in a more proficient, timely and efficient manner. It also offers rich visualization features for report generation and dashboard. Dynamic report building and customization is possible with this tool.
  • Data Analysis Functionality: it empowers the user by provisioning the comprehensive view of the data with an end to end analysis feat right from demand to customer SO, PL, shipment, Invoice and PO. it provides trending and statistical charting with few clicks away.
  • Proactive or Alert Monitoring: This tool alerts if any performance pathline is disturbed with its preventive action plans.

In Mindmajix OBIEE training you will get to see near real implementations of OBIEE.

Benefits of OBIEEa: