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Social media has changed public relations

Social media:

Social media provides a collective medium of online communication channels that enable the users to participate in social networking. It provides an opportunity to work in social environment. The users can share, collaborate and create content to become part of the social network.

Social media has changed public relations:

Due to the convenience of social media, it largely affects public relations. It provides strengths as well as challenges to the brand of the company. It also offers opportunities and threats to reach the larger market. Says Akshat Thapa from

Through social media, brands and the target customers can be engaged across a variety of communication channels in a real time without any barrier. Let’s discuss in detail that how social media has changed public relations:

Ø  Interactive communication medium:

You tube, facebook, twitter, instagram are a few names of social media applications. No one from us would be unfamiliar with these applications. By using the social media applications, many company brands can reach to larger audience through different channels. The brand gains an opportunity to reach to larger consumer markets. Though it’s you tube video or facebook post or twitter post, every channel provides different chance for brands to share the content and gain publicity. The consumers exposed to such content and feel personally connected with the brand. When the brand is displayed at the desired media outlet, public relations can be improved. Social media has provided an opportunity to create interactive public relations. The social media applications are designed in such a way so as to provide interactive user interface. This offers the convenience to the customers. They can ask for queries or register complains or provide comments about the brand of the company. In this way, we can say that social media has provided interactive communication medium for public relations. Says Joshua from

Ø  No traditional working hours:

In past days, when there was nothing like social media, managers and business people used to work in traditional working hours only on week days. There was no concept of 24/7 work and no one was habitual to work during weekends. With the technological advancements and frequent use of social media applications, the concept of traditional working hours vanished. Now, the business personnel work 24/7 to fulfill the consumer demand. They are ever ready fulfilling customer expectations. The customers also expect the same from them. Now, all the queries and complaints of the customers are responded within seconds and their issues are resolved in no time. In this competitive era, the faster the better approach is preferred. Social media managers have to remain alert all the time to catch the fake news and to nullify the effects of the prevailing scandals about the company. Hence, social media needs 24/7 engagement for maintaining the public relations.

Ø  Need of more contacts:

Social media has affected public relations in a variety of ways. Companies now search for promoters and influencers to reach out large audience. Social media has given a great chance to layman to share their opinion and contents about the brand. The concept of journalism is now become wider as social media allows the powerful influencers for brands and public relation professionals to collaborate in real time without any barrier. The companies now search for strong influencers and promoters to shout out about the company brand among target customers.  The social media has created a room for such influences and thus, changed the public relations. In fact, nowadays top press release companies have included social media marketing as one of the aspects of their offerings.

Due to the greater interaction and larger influence of social media on public relations, it became so essential for the companies to collaborate the customers by using social media. This will help to create better and more fruitful public relations as well as it will also facilitate the company to stand out from the competitors.