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Read – through and grab the best economical Projector

Whatever may be your television’s size, you won’t feel the theatre at home unless you use a good quality affordable projector! A television cannot beat the ‘Larger than life’ experience a projector can bestow you with. Projectors are so handy as well. You can’t move around the television wherever you want to. Suppose you want to watch a nice movie with your grandkids in your back yard with some barbeque steaming… sorry! Can’t move the TV around!  A projector actually lets you enjoy the best of moments with friends and family. So how much bang can you go for a buck?

We always search for the best buy when it comes to electronics (in fact, when it comes to anything). We always look for the cheapest, yet get the best features out of it. There are quite a few projectors that best suits us. That is, for a reasonable price, we can enjoy good quality. Here’s a list of the best cheap projectors for the best value.

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Best light-weight: Roadwi Movie Projector Mini Portable Projector

This projector is your definite go-to solution for a handy yet in-expensive projector for a movie night indoors, party theatre or a personalized travel theatre. With a maximum solution of 1920*1080, you can enjoy the best projection distance between 3.93-12.46 feet with 1500 lumens. The LCD lighting system throw is quite good, projecting a brilliant image onto your wall at a 1000: 1 contrast ratio. This multimedia projector supports AV, VGA, USB, SD, HDMI and TV input.

Even better news! Ardent gamers out there can connect their PS3 PS4 or X-Box360 via HDMI port (with HDMI cable). You can enjoy video movies by connecting the SD disc, PC, Laptop or Smart Phone. The projector has all three -front/rear/ceiling projection.

The image quality of the Roadwi projector is very satisfying, very bright, and the contrast is good as well. This projector is really amazing for movie watching – it delivers very sharp images. The lamp is also long lasting, so you need not replace it any time soon. If you are looking at the best budget projector, then the Roadwi projector will be perfect for you. It is really quite good, and in my opinion delivers great value for your budget.

Remember that this is not a “professional” projector, so don’t expect the same image quality as a projector that costs 2-3 as much. The volume is quite good, but the sound quality is not great in my opinion. This projector is not recommended for data presentations or business presentation, like PDF, Text files, PPT, Word, Excel.