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R4i gold, R4i 3ds or R4i dual core, which is the best one to buy in Finland for modding 3DS?

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Here for comparing the 3 most popular R4 kortti in Finland, they are R4i gold 3ds, R4i 3ds sdhc and R4i dula core 2017. If you don’t know what are their differences and which is a good place to buy any of them in Finland, just read my article here.

Why to buy R4 card is a must for 3DS in Finland?

  1. R4 3DS card support ALL DS games and Multi-rom(hundreds of)

R4 3DS firmware updated very fast. As Nintendo is constantly refreshing the comfort and discharging new diversions, R4 3DS team also release update patch to fix the latest console. They always have new kernel to support the Nintendo new games. By their hard work, users can play as much as 5500+NDS Games with r4 3ds card.

  1. R4 3DS card is easy to set up

All R4 3DS card is easy to use or setup by the similar method. While users get the package, just go official website,(printed on the r4 card) download the latest r4i kernel and games to the computer, then copy the kernel and games to the root directory of the MicroSD card. All things are finished, users can start to play games.

  1. R4 3DS card can work on all Nintendo DSI and 3DS firmware consoles.

R4 3DS card have very good compatibility. It supports all previous Nintendo console. Including 3DS, DSi, DSILL, DsiXL, DS lite. So if you have more than 1 consoles, one R4 3DS card is enough for you, you don’t need to buy other R4 card to use on other Nintendo 3DS or DSI consoles..(3DS games can’t run on R4 3DS card currently)

  1. R4 3DS card is safe to Nintendo 3DS Models

Many players is worrying about the damage to the console brought by R4 card. They think the R4 3DS card may break their 3DS firmware. But it is really a misunderstanding. Actually, the R4 3DS card is 100% safe for Nintendo console.

  1. Many R4 3DS card for your choosing

There are many R4 3DS cards in the market now. Most of them are excellent and with good compatibility. They have diverse bundles packages, different operation interface, different price, and different functions. if you want to save money, buy ace3ds plus card; if you like the most popular R4 3DS card, the R4i SDHC 3DS or R4i Gold 3DS card is optional. Regardless of which you like, you can locate an appropriate R4 3DS card for use.

R4i gold 3ds VS R4i sdhc 3ds VS R4i dual core, which is the best for modding 3DS?

Check on the below chart, you will know that, the best R4 card to buy for modding 3DS in Finland is with no doubt the R4i 3ds rts sdhc card.

Comparison R4I SDHC 3DS RTS R4I GOLD WOOD 3DS R4I DUAL CORE 2017/2018
Price €18 €20 €16
Compatibility System: 3DS V11.5-38 and lower versions

Console: NEW 3DS(XL.LL)/3DS(XL.LL)2DS

Main Function Support nearly ALL NDS Games and Multi-NDS Roms SAME SAME
Game Test Try as much as 100 ds games including Pokemon black2&white2, Mario kart DS, Super Mario Bros,Kingdom Hearts,Smurfs 2, Harvest moon – the tale of two towns and more on 3DS. It is supporting all the 100 ds amusements straightforwardly and well. 2 among 100 ds games can’t be supported. 3 among 100 ds games can’t be supported.
Using time Longest Longer Long
Speed Fastest Fastest Fast
WIFI Download Yes No No
Four RTS save files Yes No No
Kernel V1.64 WOOD V1.84 R4I-SDHC V3.9 R4ISDHC
Official Site

Where to buy R4i 3ds sdhc in Finland with the cheapest price and fast shipping?

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