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PSY Tech Adapter Full review and specifications

As specified in our survey of the DJI Osmo Mobile, with regards to obtaining a handheld gimbal you are ordinarily left with the choice to get one for your activity camera or your cell phone. The fundamental explanation behind this is because of the weight contrast of an activity camera and a cell phone, with the last being much heavier. The gimbal engines are produced in view of a weight territory, for a relentless smooth movement as well as having the capacity to help the vital weight.

An adapter to permit the utilization of a DJI Osmo Mobile with an activity camera! Got it conceivable to defeat universes with only one straightforward extra? So today we will be taking a gander at the PGY Tech adapter switch mount plate, and will be blending this with my DJI Osmo Mobile so check whether it allows me to solve two problems at once.

The PGY Tech adapter arrives in a basic white box with simply the organization logo on the best. Inside you will discover the adapter itself and a bracket with 2 long screws on which to mount your activity camera on. A brisk 10-second get together and you will have the adapter prepared to go.

PGY has utilized the Tech Hero frame factor here for its bracket. This implied we were not able mount our SJCAM M20, and with numerous makers now discharging action cameras in a wide range of shapes and sizes, the PGY Tech adapter won’t be perfect.

On the back, the substantial rectangular cut-off allows you to see the GoPro’s viewfinder on the back and allows for touch screen controls.

Highlights In Brief

100%brand new and high caliber

Flying Aluminum-Alloy

Accuracy CNC Machined

High accuracy laser etching


No instruments, braces or paste

Compact and strong

Exquisite pressing


Sort: PGY tech5 4 3 3+ switch adapter mount plate for DjiOsmo versatile gimbal

Shading: Black

Material: Aviation Aluminum-Alloy

Good: tech 5 4 3 3+/DjiOsmo portable gimbal

Item packages weight: 135g

Bundle weight: 200g

Bundle Size: 18X12X10CM

Pressing include:

1 x Adapter

2 x Screw

1x U mount

Hope you like our review and brief about PGYTECH adapter. We have brought everything, which is very necessary for you before you buy this product. So here you can read and buy it from you’re nearest store or from online shopping sites that claim best product and delivery guarantees.