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Police Finds Trails of A Massive Cyber Attack In Ukraine


Ukraine is going through a lot of problems at the moment, including cyber attacks. Just like previous years, many cyber attacks were reported in the country in 2017. The latest of them took place in Cherkasy region of Ukraine. The police investigating this matter found evidence hinting at a mass cyber attack which was meant to affect thousands of people and businesses from many countries.

The initial investigation shows that the attack was carried out in the month of June. In this attack, hackers targeted a message number of computers from more than 60 countries. Their Objective was to demand money in return of decrypting these systems. The investigation officers found out that hackers had moved around £8000 in bitcoins from one account to another right after this attack. They claim it was the same account which hackers used for accepting ransom amount in the past.

A Simple Case or A Mystery

The investigation team also found out that hackers were ready to step down if the government could pay them some money. According to them, hackers had demanded a total of £200,000. They would decrypt all the infected computers after receiving this sum. The research team deployed by the Ukrainian government thinks otherwise. According to researchers, hackers have demanded this money just to deviate government’s attention from this topic. Their main goal was to create a mass panic among civilians and businesses.

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As soon as the investigation began, local businesses which got affected by this cyber attack came forward and raised their voice. Anastasia Date Network is one of the victims which lost a huge number of their clients due to this attack. A spokesperson for the company unveiled that more than 500 of company’s partners, including small businesses and individuals, got affected. There are many other businesses which have come forward and demanded the arrest of all the culprits responsible for this cyber attack.

If police manage to catch these hackers, they are likely to stay behind bars for at least three years. More updates will be released soon.