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Modern Commerce and its Woe’s

The age of the marketplace has changed to the point where money can be made almost decentralized. In the early ages of society, with the birth of marketplaces in the Middle East, people had a safe place to work and make money. With the change in consumers choosing to shop online, lots of people worry about where their money is heading and where it could end up. The use of online transactions continues to increase rapidly with the advancement of security technologies that support them. The fact that e-commerce accounts for 30% of the global trade market in 2014 have to raise a flag or two. It has become quite the scary places for some people; that leads to a lot of doubt to people just wanting to use simple services such as amazon and eBay to buy a present for their children, as an example. As well the other sides of the internet lay with personal information scattered globally.

When building sites for small clients to bigger corporations, the need to have a wall between you and the rest of the internet keeps growing larger. The need for hiring smart internet security teams also tends to be quite pricey and a burden on simple website coders. The importance of understanding what happens around you (as much common sense as it is), continues to be of the utmost importance.

A new security flaw that has been popping up is called cross site scripting protection (XSS protection). HTML is the bread and butter of the internet and modern coding world. It’s pretty much the base language of cyber-space. With any language comes with its own dialects. With HTML there are vast amounts of different languages that can interact with it. Javascript was invented to add more variants to HTML and is used still to this day on web pages all over the world. Now where XSS comes in and starts back to the early days of MySpace. Thousands of users logging on and interacting with a site built by a college student just happens to be the best place to play pranks and run tests. The internet scientists that we now call Hackers, ended up showing the world how vulnerable you are on the internet. Back to XSS, XSS is simply when you send a website a request such as a login or a post. But instead of sending basic login info, someone can send a malicious code through your username input box. With this, they can tell the website to do whatever they want if the site is not built properly. This exposes another flaw in security and is easy to miss.

To prevent things like this from happening, website coders have to hire consultants and analysts. These are people that can help protect your system (computer, web server, website) from the increasing variety of attacks that are being developed. There are many security systems like that provide those securities for businesses small to large. The idea of having someone help you and your business stay protected is one that easily over sought. XSS is just one of the newer and unique ways people can penetrate unprotected systems. The internet is ever growing and so will opportunities for people of every field.