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List Of 6 Best Solutions And Services And The Benefits Of Modernizing IBM I Applications

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Every business runs with the purpose of achieving its intended goal and setting up new goals for growth and expansion. And the 2 most valuable resources that help in achieving these goals are – asset management and user-satisfaction. And surprising, the destiny of both are entwined with 1 common factor that is upgradation of apps and software. And, if you work on the IBM OS, then this guide is just the right tool since it can help you in identifying and adopting the business solutions and services that are required to ensure proper working of legacy computers – the ones that use CL and RPG for writing codes.

How To Transform A Business By Modernizing IBM I Applications?

The list of the 6 best Fresche ibm i managed services given below offers insight on the best tools and products that help in business expansion and transformation.  

  1. Code Transformation – Advanced codes are the keys to offering user satisfaction by making the apps more navigable and presentable. Thus, you must use X-Analysis tools to convert CL and RPG computer languages into new languages like Java and .NET. The new computer languages allow better coding since they are inscribed with better features
  2. Green Screen Modernization – The modernization of green screens to produce advanced user interfaces like the graphical user interface is the best way to customize IBM I apps. It is because modern interfaces transform the text-based icons of the IBM I apps into graphical icons. Such modern interfaces make apps super navigable too
  3. Web & Mobile Development – Change in technology has resulted in a shift toward device preference. Most users nowadays prefer apps that can be accessed from mobile devices, primarily smartphones, and are web compatible
  4. IT Strategizing – IT strategizing is essential for business alignment since it helps in increasing the system agility that allows developers to generate new and appealing web-friendly apps. Besides, it is also required to lay a roadmap in order to channelize the impact of modernizing IBM I apps towards success
  5. IBM I Developer Productivity Enhancement – Giving developers open access to work on different apps and the freedom to integrate those apps with each other and the migrated modern technologies make room for innovation. It results in the generation of enticing apps that can attract more users
  6. Staff Training Services – Like mentioned in the beginning, assets play a major role in the growth of every business. Which is why staff training services are crucial. These services include providing useful tips on learning how to integrate and use modified IBM I applications in order to put them to their maximum capacity for promoting business advancement