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Lead a healthy life by blocking the radiations from cell phones

Not many people are aware of the electromagnet radiations that are emitted from the appliances that are used in households. Some of the appliances are mobile phones, tablets and other electronic gadgets. The most used gadget is cell phone which emits radiofrequency radiations which have many health effects. Some of the effects are:

  • Damages the DNA
  • Disturbance in immune system
  • Promotes cancer like breast cancer and skin cancer.
  • Heart diseases
  • Promotes breathing problems

How to reduce cell phone radiation?

You can reduce cell phone radiation by following these points:

  • Always text rather than calling.
  • Switch off your phone at night.
  • Always wear a protective shield so that you are protected against the radiations.
  • Don’t keep your cell phone in the pockets. Always keep them in the purse or carry bags.
  • While moving in a vehicle you should not use cell phones.

By these simple measures, you can block cell phone radiation.

These radiations emit Electromagnetic waves by which the communication is possible. These radiations are everywhere but not all are harmful. They are harmful as per their frequencies levels. Nowadays, cell phones and other electronic appliances are available with a protective layer or shield which protects you from the Electromagnetic waves. These cell phones are made up of modern microprocessor techniques.

Some of the cell phones accessories with radiation protection features:

There many radiation protection accessories which you can buy online. Some of the anti- radiation accessories are:

  • Shielded gloves
  • Anti -radiation hair brands
  • Cell phone holder
  • Cell Phone Purse
  • Black out Patch

These anti -radiation accessories will prevent you from getting into direct contact of the radiation so that your health and environment both are healthy.