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Is Aurora HDR a Complete HDR Solution

Currently, most photo editors are looking for HDR solutions that will make their life easy. There is several software in the market each producer is working towards making his application to stand out from the rest. One of the major inventions in the market is the Aurora series. The company has already released to 2018 version. The question that most users are asking themselves is whether this series offers a complete HDR solution or you will be forced to get other software to perform some specified tasks while performing editing your photos.

One of the reasons that led to the introduction of the Aurora HDR application was that most photographers were forced to use multiple photo editors to achieve an excellent HDR image. This approach was not user friendly because you could find yourself even using 4 different HDR applications. used the current market requirements and interviewed several photographers before coming up with this invention. It took them about 2 years to develop this software. It has the right import and export functionalities, tools, tone mapping powers and user interface in a one-in-all photo editing solution. The Aurora photo editor has more than 100 essential HDR tools that make it a complete solution.

Great tone-mapping engine: The speed of the improved algorithm is at least 50 percent faster. It minimizes the noise automatically and generates more realistic, natural tome mapping and sharper.

Class-Leading glow masks: You can use the new controls to automatically select advanced options on the basis of luminosity levels in the HDR photo. After making a selection, you can significantly improve some parts of your image without any complicated selections or brushes.

Extensive Batch Processing: You are fully covered irrespective of the number of photos you wish to process. The batch processing in this software will automatically recognize brackets and provide several settings to help you in processing and saving several images at the same time. most people have been requesting for this feature since Aurora HDR was launched.

Additional cool polarizing filter: This is an ideal tool for the skies. It adds more color to depth with one swipe and cuts the atmospheric haze. It is an ideal option for aerial and landscape photographers among other photographers.

Fast Bottom and Top Adjustments: New warmth, vibrance, and contrast sliders together with exposure control enhance the level of editing selectively. A photographer can use this panel in selectively editing some parts of the photo with no complex masks, selections, etc.

Layers: Most photographers the photographers who use the Aurora software find layers to be their secretive sauce.  The high level of creative freedom and flexibility you find in these layers are just overwhelming. In fact, you can add more layers depending on your wish.

Detail and Structure: This will give your photos a dramatic and stylish appearance. The detail and structure sliders of this software have been tailored for the purposes of High Dynamic Range photography. Therefore, you will be able to get detailed intense results that are sharp with no additional halos and noise.

HDR Denoise: Just like detail and structure sliders, the denoise tool is specially designed for HDR photos. This algorithm identifies any flows automatically during the process of tone mapping and makes the relevant fixes. Its very good in removing RAW files and pesky color noise. The denoise slider also enhances the feel and look of the photos instantly.