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How to Share Wi-Fi from a laptop?

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Today, it is difficult to imagine a user who is not familiar with wireless technology. Wireless Internet is especially popular. The capabilities of the global network are necessary for everyone, but no one needs wires. Getting wireless Internet at home is not easy, you need to have the technical capabilities for this. Unfortunately, most of the computers that are not able to distribute Wi-Fi in the past. The easiest way to find out information about the availability of the adapter is to look at the technical specifications. If among other things there will be indicated Wi-Fi or wireless 802.11 there will be an adapter.

To understand how to distribute wi-fi from a computer, you should have an idea how to configure the router.

Before making another router to spread internet, you need to make sure that your internet speed is good enough to manage the load. For example; if you have a Mediacom internet connection, then you need to perform an Etisalat speed test and check the current speed of your connection. It will help you to prevent of the interruptions.

Whether all computers and laptops can distribute Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi can be distributed by any PC connected to the Network. Independently distribute such a computer cannot, you need to connect a router to it.

To start the distribution, you need to perform the following sequence of actions:

  • Enable and run the router.
  • In the socket of the router with the name, WAN include the Internet cable.
  • Plug the other end of the cable into the network card slot on the PC.
  • Install drivers for the router on the PC from the installation disk.
  • Type in the browser and go to
  • Enter the settings by filling out the form. Data can be obtained from the body of the router.
  • Go to the DHCP server.
  • Set the values ​​of potentially connected IP addresses. For example, the range could be:
  • Start IP –, End IP
  • On the contrary, check the checkbox DHCP Enabled.

Stationary computers can distribute wi-fi and without a router, but only if they have Wi-Fi transmitters installed. You can check its availability as follows:

  • Activate the start menu with the right mouse button.
  • Launch Network Connections.
  • Check the list of connections. If there is a Wi-Fi module, a wireless connection will be available.

To automatically create a virtual point, you can use the program Mhotspot. To start the process, you need:

Download the program Mhotspot on PC. This program creates a virtual point and distributes wi-fi without installing it on a computer.

  • Run Mhotspot.
  • Set the access point name and password in the program field.
  • Activate the Start Hotspot command and create a point.
  • Call the Start menu with the right mouse button.
  • Select “Network Connections”.
  • In the list of networks find “Local Area Connection”.
  • Open the properties “Local Area Connections”.
  • Go to the Access tab.
  • Mark checkboxes in front of other user’s connection permissions.
  • In the same window, select “Wireless Network Connection” from the drop-down list.
  • Restart your computer.