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How to Get Free Business Guest Posts for Your Business Blog

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Does your blog need some fresh business guest posts, but you don’t have time to write it all or the extra money to buy a few how to posts? Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, because you’re going to find out how to get free guest posts for your business blog when you ready this handy post.

How to Get Tons of Free Business Guest Posts

It’s easier to get free business guest posts on your blog than you think. Just add this to your menu:

  • Submit a guest post

Or add this:

  • Write for us

This will let all of the people who visit your blog know you’re ready to accept business guest post on your blogs. This doesn’t mean that every guest post that’s sent to you will be good and it doesn’t mean you have to post all of them. Here’s how to filter the guest posts as they come in:

  • Have specific submission guidelines – On your business guest post submission page, let people know the type of guest posts you accept. Your guideline could be 500 word minimum, original content only, native English only, must pass copyscape, and of course must be on a subject your readers are interested in. You can also specify one link only and that you don’t link out to sites that are in the gambling, porno, or drug niche. You could easily say this is a family friendly blog. If you get a post with poor grammar and spelling, don’t even bother putting it through copyscape, just don’t accept it. Also, don’t take any spun content whatsoever. That’s real garbage and an alternate version of it probably exists elsewhere.
  • Free for you, not for them – If you’re getting a lot of bad guest posts and only a handful of good ones every month, you can weed out the bad ones by charging to post on your business blog. Say something like $5 a guest post. Spammers often do not want to pa for anything, so this may deter them from submitting their trash to you.
  • Build a relationship with another business blogger – If you want to get some really good free guest posts you can start to build a relationship with another blogger in your niche. Offer to write a guest post for their blog and they will be more than likely to write a guest post for you.

Still Can’t Get Enough Guest Posts for Your Business Blog?

If you aren’t getting enough guest posts to fill up your blog with wonderful and valuable content, you can always use a professional guest posting service. You can list your blog on their site and see if you find anyone who wants to submit a guest post to your site. This should be free for you.

Bonus: Write for Us Template

Change the template below to use on your own Write for Us Page. Change the wording as you please and make it unique:

Hi ( reader/member/there )

We would love for you to submit a guest post for us to review for inclusion on our blog. However, we have strict standards in order to protect the integrity of our site and to ensure that our readers get the content they have come to enjoy. Here’s what we’ll need from you:

  1. 500 word minimum
  2. Must be original
  3. Must pass copyscape
  4. Must pass Grammarly
  5. Content must be specific to this niche
  6. Only one link per post
  7. No spun content