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How to Be More Productive During the Day                   

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Are you struggling with procrastination? Do you wish you could get more work done during the day? This is a problem not just freelancers but full-time employees are facing as well. Organizing your day is not that hard, what’s hard is to stick to the plan. All that caffeine is not going to make you do more work, you need something more.

In today’s digital times, it is almost impossible to not get distracted. Some of us have the wrong idea of productivity. It doesn’t mean to check all the tasks from your to-do list, in fact, productivity means getting the high priority tasks done during the day.

So what’s the secret to being productive? How can you get most of your work done during the day? These are some tips that can help:


  • Prioritize


You can’t have a productive day if you don’t even know where to start. The simple solution to this problem is to list down everything you have to get accomplished. Then, prioritize the tasks on the basis of urgency.

You can use apps such as Week Plan for this purpose. It allows you to prioritize your entire week with the help of the covey time management grid. Once the important items are done first, you will have fewer things in your to-do list to worry about.


  • Don’t multitask, focus on one thing at a time


Distraction is one big productivity killer. It could be noise, thoughts or social media. This is why it is important to know when and where you can work the best. If you need to work in a quiet place, then go to a library or maybe a coffee shop.

You might be interested in working on two things at the same time. The truth is, multitasking doesn’t make your job easy. You aren’t able to focus on either of the tasks at hand. If you really want to get things done fast, hit one item from your to-do list at a time.


  • Cut your to-do list in half


Sure you want to get most of the work done during the day but that doesn’t mean you stuff your to-do list. Is it really possible to hit 30 tasks in a day? Try focusing on the things that really matter. Do yourself a favor, cut down that list in half.


  • Take frequent breaks


You can’t continuously work for hours and hours and have the same level of productivity. You need to give yourself a break. Your brain deserves it. Go for a walk or grab a snack. Once you come back from the break, you will be recharged. You will be able to work with greater efficiency as well.


  • Follow the 80/20 rule


It is said that only 20% of what we do each day produces 80% of the results. So that means you need to eliminate all the tasks from your list that don’t add value. If you are working on a project, focus on those tasks that will bring 80 percent results.


  • Use the morning time to get more work done


You are more productive in the morning. However, instead of working, we spend our mornings checking the calendar, emails, social media or sometimes chit chatting with our co-workers. This needs to end.

Start your day by having a good breakfast. Work out or maybe read the highlights from the newspaper. This will fuel you to start a productive day. Instead of browsing the web, checking emails or stopping by at your friend’s desk, get to work.


  • Get the challenging tasks done before lunch


While your brain is still fresh, knock out most of the work. Get the most challenging tasks done during the day? Save the meetings for the afternoon. This way, once you get back to your seat after lunch, you will only have the less important tasks to take care of. And you know they won’t take much brain work or time.


  • Work on your email etiquettes


Going through all those emails is certainly draining. Reading emails distracts you from the tasks that actually matter. Make sure you don’t fall into this productivity trap.


  • Celebrate what you have accomplished


End the day on a positive note. Whatever you have accomplished during the day, celebrate it. Keep on rewarding yourself for doing great work. This will be an incredible way of motivating yourself. Don’t forget to reflect on what you didn’t do and could have done. Reflection helps increase future productivity. This is something that you need at the end of the day.