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How Did WordPress Become the Go to CMS For Most Design Companies?

WordPress as we all know, is one of the most popular hosting websites to create free, as well paid personal sites for various projects and who doesn’t love to have the availability of creating any type of personal format to market who you are?  Today, we are going to go over how WordPress became the go to CMS for most designing companies.

What Is WordPress And How Did It Start?

WordPress is a free platform and CMS system (content management system) and WordPress is actually installed upon a web server which is either part of an internet presenting program or even a network host within its own rights and freedoms.  WordPress actually began in the year of 2003 by two men with the names of Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little and was released under the license from the Free Software Foundation.

What Has Essentially Made WordPress Become the Top Leading Management Systems?

There are actually three solid based reasons on what has over time, made WordPress become one of the top leading content management systems and below in list format, I am going to go over each of them.

  • Intellectual Up Front Programming: WordPress is set up to be published and formatted in the blogging style.  There is actually an index page, accompanied with titles and various forms of extracts.  Now, these will actually link to the full-page articles and when a person publishes a new blog or article, it will automatically go on top of your WordPress page.  This type of programming takes away from the aggravation of manually attaching articles to your page yourself.
  • WordPress Is Free (Kind Of): The initial site of creating content via WordPress is initially free, but the only times a person will have to pay is if they add a domain name and web hosting, which can be as low as $3.95 per month, which in my opinion is free to begin with.  Who doesn’t have $4.00 extra they can spend each month, especially if it’s toward the motivation and success of a substantial website of your own choosing?
  • Amazing Usability: WordPress has such an astonishing reputation for having the finest usability programs and hosting sites around.  When WordPress was first created, this was the main and focused site for all blogging procedures and the popularization made WordPress very possible to create a very humble and straightforward interface for it.

In Addition to What Makes WordPress So Remarkable to Use

As easy it is to create amazing content via the WordPress programming software, I would like to provide out some great key elements in which make WordPress simply out of this world.

  • Amazing Support Services
  • Very Easy Access for Users Through Site
  • Blogging
  • Very SEO Friendly
  • Endless Customization Possibilities
  • Very Easy for The User
  • You Can Actually Own Your Online Presence
  • Wide Range of Themes to Elect From



In conclusion of what makes WordPress one of the top leading CMS design companies is the fact that the platform of WordPress itself is so relaxed and friendly to use, creating whatever you desire your online presence to be, but the one element in which pushes WordPress to the top is the fact that this site is free!  It’s free to install, download, use, as well modify!  There are actually 2,600 plus WordPress themes and 31,000 plus plugins in which are available for free usage.  A blogger will have the option to install or download the plugins or themes to any website in regards of personal creation.