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How Can You Address the Cyber Security Concerns Effectively?

The world has moved to the internet with most of the financial transactions happening online. But along with this transition, cyber security has also come into limelight. Cyber security basically refers to those preventative techniques that need to be implemented to protect the networks, programs and electronic data from any unauthorized access. There are constant attacks from the hackers taking down millions of computers worldwide and shutting down the terminals causing chaos and disruption besides the financial losses.

Cyber security is, therefore, a major concern today for all those manufacturers that deal with security equipment like Hikvision cybersecurity. They try to establish a sustainable and reliable model for cyber security that is compliant with the company’s policies, operational procedures, running technology and various regulations.

As no system is immune to these attacks, we also need to be careful and follow some strategies to keep us safe on a personal level besides the companies doing their bit.

You need to increase your awareness level. The government and security organisations keep doing cyber security education campaigns where they educate people on how to keep their systems safe. Some of the major takeaways from these campaigns are:

  •    Keep strong passwords that are long and have a mix of alphabets, numbers and special characters that are hard to decode. You should never use your birth date as your password as that is the easiest one to crack.
  •    Whenever a system update is released, you should get it. These updates are meant for plugging the loopholes if any and thus keep your system safe from any potential attack.
  •    Use a good firewall, which protects against all sorts of viruses, spyware and malware.
  •   Never disclose your password to anyone and also keep changing it at a particular frequency.
  •    Most of the major attacks start when the user clicks on an email attachment sent from an unidentified sender. Thus, be very careful when clicking on an email attachment or a link. If you are not sure of the sender’s identity it is better to delete that email from your system.

The various agencies involved in providing cyber security are busy in improving their national and global capabilities. They are working on detecting, preventing, mitigating and responding to cyber events, but as individuals we too need to be careful. We need to take advantage of the latest advancements in security equipment to improve security.