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Google Panda Updates And Its Impact On SEO

Google Panda was launched in February 2011 by the popular search engine company Google. This newly launched product was a new algorithm in Google’s search result ranking. The purpose of this algorithm was to upgrade the quality of search results. Many websites employ techniques like spamdexing to generate more keywords. In other words, some websites post unrelated search terms in their web pages to manipulate the search engine indexing and gain high ranking.

Do unrelated search items help?

It is hardly necessary to say that these tactics don’t increase the content quality of these websites in any way. As a matter of fact, the quality is often lowered. And this kind of manipulation often pushes sites with very good and relevant content at the back of the search result lists.

So, how Google Panda helps?

Google Panda was designed to make these kinds of SEO techniques obsolete and give good websites their due. Google Panda is a great leveler as it cuts down traffic on undeserving sites by downgrading them in the ranking list.

So, how is Google Panda different from older algorithms?

Well, for one thing, even a few low-quality pages can make you a victim of Google Panda as this algorithm affects the whole site or a big section of it instead of just the low-quality pages. Google Panda also affects sites with too much advertising. The idea behind Google Panda is to make the search results more user-friendly.

So, the sites which have a balance of good content, advertisement and good loading time would now be given preference. Sites with duplicate content or content that is not duplicate per se, but also not unique are going to struggle a lot, thanks to this new algorithm. Google has developed a guideline to help webmasters develop websites that are high quality and helpful to users. The trustworthiness of a site is taken into account when ranking it under Google Panda. Trustworthiness constitutes both money wise and information wise, i.e., whether users are comfortable in providing their credit/debit card and account information to a site is taken into account just as the reliance a user places on the information provided in a site is taken into account.

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