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Getting the Business that’s Closest to Home: Local SEO Tips 2017

Ok, so by now the majority of us are already well aware that mobile is leading the search engine game, with an abundance of people searching for products and services on their mobiles each and every day, in fact each and every second. Not only this but a rising number of people are also making searches including the wording ‘near me’ and ‘nearby’ in order to find the greatest services and companies that are close to home. Since 2014, the number of these in particular searches has doubled! Because of this it is now imperative for those marketing their businesses online to cater for this in order to receive the maximum amount of local custom, and in line with this today we are going to be providing some great tips for all to consider…

Local SEO Tips 2017

Google AdWords Location Extensions: First of all it is vital for people to take advantage of internet marketing services such as Google Location Extensions.  When using these upon people searching for your products and services online using the term ‘near me’ or ‘nearby’ people will quickly be able to see here your company is located, contact information and the click-to-call feature. It has been reported that those using this function have been able to increase their conversion rates by an average of 10%.

Business Directory Listings: A lot of internet users still turn to business directories for information therefore it is vital that companies not only ensure that they are taking advantage of these but also that they are providing the most accurate and up-to-date information at all times. In case, you were searching for ways to supplement your existing email list or starting to build your own list, you may consider either renting or purchasing Email Lists for Sale. A couple of the business directory listings to consider are Yell and TripAdvisor.

Google Reviews: One thing in which many people are not aware of is that Google Reviews are one of the highest influential ranking factors. Companies should therefore encourage their customers to leave reviews. How can people to this? There is a range of ways to encourage people to leave reviews, a couple being sending polite emails asking people to do so an holding competitions encouraging people to leave reviews for the chance to win a great prize.

Mobile Apps: Not only can companies make their own business apps, which look incredibly professional if done right attracting more customers than ever before, but they can also take advantage of Facebook Local Ads. It is possible to quickly create Local Facebook Ads which only show to people in local places and chosen demographics – enabling for higher conversion rates.

Responsive: If you’re website is not mobile friendly, you are making a huge mistake! It’s one thing getting users to click on your website, and another thing getting them to stay. If someone visits your website and it is difficult to use on a mobile device they are likely going to quickly leave and go to one of your competitors, which we are certain that no one wants. Implement a striking and user-friendly design across all platforms if you are truly looking to succeed.