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Finding the low-competition keywords

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SEO or Search engine optimization is something that every business owner and business should pay attention to. As per the recent statistics of Google, over 90 percent of people who use internet start their work through a search engine. More than 100 billion searches are performed on Google every month and more than 70 percent of these people do not look beyond the first page for finding out the results. For businesses who want people to find their business online should select the right keywords. Keywords are words used by a user in a search engine box to find something specific.

These words decide the order of appearance of the websites in a search result. The best-optimized websites for a specific keyword are those that rank the highest and get the most clicks from a search engine user. Website traffic is dependent on rankings and they depend on finding the right keywords. Keyword competition is an important factor and therefore, everyone pays attention to keyword research. If the competition for a particular keyword is more, it becomes difficult to get a website on the first page because there are plenty of sites trying to do that only. For this, you should perform “allintitle search”.

Allintitle searches

An allintitle search says the number of websites that possess the specific keywords in a title tag. A title tag ranks algorithms, which determine the websites that rank the highest in a specific search term. When a website in its title tag has a keyword, it means it is serious about its ranking and therefore, that website may be considered for competition. Long-tail keywords are more specific compared to short-tail keywords and thus, will have less competition. Low competition keywords and niches have lesser than 1000 results in an allintitle search. A moderate competitive keyword has between 1000-6000 results and niches over 6,000 results are said to be highly competitive.

Finding the right keyword search tool

Keywords dictate everything. You can perform this approach manually, however, using the right keyword research tool you can really speed up this process. There are several keyword tools that can help you to gain information and to make the right decision. You can use popular tools as a part of your SEO strategy. It is quite obvious that finding a long tail low-competition keyword is the main ingredient to climb the rankings of a search engine.