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Creating YouTube annotations are a great platform in achieving a variety of goals within that video you’ve posted and even sending those viewers back to your website. This computer vision annotation is associated with those, viewable and clickable layers that you can put right on top of your existing YouTube videos. It allows you to add things like text, notes and even links that may help you in ensuring that it’ll drive traffic to your website, providing a more informative and interactive experience and eventually turn into business leads. Here are some ways to use YouTube Annotations:

Keep viewers tuned in to your videos.

According to some statistics, you can expect to lose 20% of your viewers just within the first 10 seconds of the video playback. The drop-off rate continues at 33% by 30 seconds and 44% by 60 seconds. Although these statistics are not applicable to every single video, you can still use it as a benchmark to find out what your drop-off rates are by evaluating your top video’s audience retention to be aware on how long you can keep your viewers. With that, annotations can be a great help to keep your people on your video and even your channel.

Here are some ways to keep the viewers tuned in.

Let viewers skip ahead.

It’s not always possible to create a 30-second video that can cover the entire message or ideas that you want to convey to your viewers. But it is possible to let your viewers turn a two-minute video into a much shorter one to refrain them from leaving.

This is where annotations come in. For example, if you want to showcase your talent in creating DIY air conditioner for camping, you divide the video into three parts. As you start explaining the steps, you can add an annotation that says, “Next: The tools you’ll need” and the process continues.

By doing this, you’re allowing the viewers to have an overview or hint to effectively scan the content of the video and get to exactly what they want without getting annoyed or distracted that may lead in looking for another video.

Show viewers related videos throughout.

There are times that when you’re watching a video and suddenly you realized that you’re looking for something else, you abandon the video that you started watching. This is one of the cases that you can solve with annotations.

You can give your viewers a choice by using annotations. For example, if you want to teach them how to do an Eldredge knot but some viewers realize that they would rather do the Windsor knot. Don’t worry, after you’ve shown what Eldredge knot looks like you can add an annotation that says, “Looking for a Windsor knot?” By doing this, you keep your viewer within your channel instead of searching for other channel.

Create your own suggested videos at the end.

In order to do this, you’ll be needing the thumbnails from the videos that you’ve chosen to suggest. You need to add that image to the end of your video, and then on YouTube, you can use the spotlight annotation to like each of the thumbnails to the matching videos on YouTube. As a result, those custom picked suggested videos that you’ve created can attract more people to watch more of your videos.  

Create calls to action at the right times.

There’s no guarantee that your viewers will stay until the end of each video. With that, it’s not recommended to put the call to action at the very end. Annotations can help you in adding the right calls to action at the appropriate timing through the video. Here are some calls to action that you can try:

  •    The “learn more” call to action.

When people are really interested in watching your video, they want to continue learning about your video’s content. If ever they do not have enough time to do it in the entire video, maybe they would prefer to read more. With that in mind, you can add a learn more annotations that are being linked to your website.

  •    The “sign up” call to action.

If ever someone does make it to the end of your video, they would be willing to watch more. You can use this point to ask your viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel or you can also get your viewers to visit your website to subscribe or contact you for further information. This contact form can turn your viewers into true leads.