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Creating A New Business Idea And Starting A Social Media Page

There are so many new opportunities to start a business online with today’s technology and the internet, with an abundance of opportunity and information out there on the internet; it can be easy to see why so many people look to turn to enterprise as their next business venture

Here is a breakdown of the standard operational costs of a new business; this will also take into consideration marketing costs, social media and other overheads to. Day to day operational costs: £50 Startup capital: 100k Breakeven point:  Potential sales volumes 40 people a month. Average £2000 per person. 40 customers per month = £80,000. £1200 for rent per month.

With this in mind, it is also important for you to also take into consideration other costs such as social media, Buy Instagram Followers, content and video creation, this all depends on how much you value your social media and how much you want this to succeed.


The strength of this business is that it it online based and we do allot of outsourcing to cut the costs as much as possible. This can be generation through the use of social media and other networking funnels such as PPC and Facebook ads. To Buy Instagram Followers can also help too as this will help to build up your social media platform online too.


The weakness for this business is that it constantly needs new customers as most customers will only use this service ones.


The opportunities for this business are wide, this is because these days loans and finance are highly demanded and we seek to get people the best deals and make loans and financing as accessible and stress free as possible for people with access to financial advisers ad lenders that will suit a wide variety of clients. Another opportunity that we have recognised is that we are in a digital age, and more and more financial services are going online in the forms of websites and apps..

This business will be running 24hrs a day using online software to transfer leads. However the customer helpline will only be available 10-6pm monday to saturday and the office will be running monday to saturday operating times will be 10-6pm. Another benefit to this is social media, social media is open 24 hours per day, this will mean that customers can constantly find you and you can also target other areas of the world too.