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Covering your trails with VPNs

Privacy is taken very seriously on the internet as of late, and it is taken seriously because there is so little of it, with a few keywords and a bit of research you can find out anything you want about anyone that has an online presence and so people are trying to find ways to appear anonymous on the internet. This is an ongoing continues war, as companies and governments try and learn more and more about you and people try and hide more about them. A simple example of this is through cookies, which remember your search history and in doing so ads lean more towards your taste, so if you are looking for new furniture, ads regarding furniture will pop up. This form of ‘learning’ is harmless because they might help but it is unsettling to think about what the future has to hold.

VPNs are the answer to this call, Virtual Private Networks are a type of technology that has been up and coming as of recent years in order to create a secure and safe connection over a less secure and safe one. VPNs were originally created for remote company users accessing the company’s database via the internet. To make sure that data travels in a safe manner people who use VPN must use authentication methods like passwords and identification features, for example, a specific code is sent to your mobile number or email and you must input it to access the secure connection. It is safe to assume that different VPN services offer different safety procedures, so it is best you do some research before you subscribe to a product.

A very good perk that VPNs have is the fact they allow access to geoblocked sites and content from all around the world. This works especially if you are in a heavily censored country, if you are unable to access a certain site a VPN helps to mask your IP and make it seem as if you are from a certain country. As I mentioned in the aforementioned paragraph it is best to do your research because every VPN has its own pros and cons.

VPNs making your life easier

VPNs give online freedom back with the ability to roam the internet anonymously and won’t get fined or tracked if you enter a geoblocked site. A number of US-oriented gambling sites are banned for Americans so what they can do is use bitcoin for a layer of protection, due to bitcoins decentralised mode of managing data, it is very hard to track. Also, the use VPNs is imperative so you can be able to access the site and also the ability to play anonymously. You can learn more on the guide to BTC poker. In my opinion, VPNs come most in handy when dealing with transactions, in an age where inputting bank details is second nature when buying something online it is best to have a VPN to create that extra layer of protection.

E-commerce websites show different prices when buying online depending on the region you live in, and this is a massive perk when having a VPN, since your IP is masked you can make it seem as if you are from another region and this will help you save up a lot of money, and the price drop might be actually very noticeable.


Be aware of Anti-VPN software is becoming stronger and stronger, but if you take your time and do the research you will find the best VPN that best suits your needs. VPNs are at the forefront of protecting your identity and staying safe, secure and anonymous. Remember to stay protected when you are browsing the web because you will never know who is observing your information!