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Cheating On WoW Without A Ban? Of Course!

When it comes to online gaming like World of Warcraft (WoW), cheating isn’t something many people discuss. Unlike single player games where infinite money, invincibility, or free items harms no one else, hacking on WoW means getting an advantage on other players. Here are a few ways to get gold on WoW a lot faster than killing monsters, and you don’t even need to worry about a ban!

Know What The Endgamers Need

World of Warcraft has changed a lot since its live launch in 2004, and one big change has been the mentality of its players. Most people want to rush to endgame, either to defeat the current end raids, dominate in Player versus Player (PVP) or simply to get rich.

You know, what you want to do.

If you’re not at max level or don’t have a lot of gold, you can still start making serious money. Even though WoW has been around for a long time, you have 2 things working for you:

1) There are always more newbies.
2) Not all of those millions of players are smart.

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One way to make gold out of almost thin air is to resell things for a huge markup. There are a lot of items that can be sold, but what you need to focus in on is what the people trying to “win” endgame need.

Water is the key here. Specifically, the drinks that healers need to regain mana out of combat.

With every new expansion, a new “mana drink” is introduced. It’s a basic of roleplaying games (RPGs), and after every intense fight, a healer needs to drink to regain mana fast enough to continue pushing.

The water comes from vendors. Normal old Non-player characters (NPCs) either in every major city or in the hub city of the expansion. With Legion, the newly-transported Dalaran’s inns sell Ley-Enriched Water for 2 gold and 50 silver per 5.

What comes next is simply psychology.

Buy Extremely Low, Sell Extremely High

Buy a stack of 5, go to the auction house in your hub city (Orgrimmar, Stormwind, or any city with an auction house). Sell the stack for 50 or 60 gold and just wait. Don’t tell anyone!

Take it any way you want, but a lot of players don’t do their homework. Rich players who make gold by reselling auction house goods will see this peculiarly-named item up for a pretty high amount. They may think it’s rare, and have a lot of gold to drive up the market.

The same thing can be done with many curious items, especially if they have some special effect. Rogues have access to a potion call Zanzil’s Slow Potion, which kills the character after a few days.

Hilarious. What’s even more funny is that the potions are only 1 silver and 20 copper, and can be resold for some ludicrous amounts. The only catch here is that you need a level 100 Rogue and the Legion expansion to purchase the potions, but that comes from simply playing the game.

Once you make some money off a few chumps, you can even join the resale game. I want cheats to make any game easier, and even though WoW takes a bit of creativity to make cheating happen without a ban, you can still get a faster advantage than just killing a bunch of wolves and bunnies for hours every day.