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Buy Sony TV Online To Meet Your Entertainment Needs By Comparing The Price Rates

Sony Television is an exclusive brand which is becoming quite popular as ever before due to its increased features and low price. Sony TV is considered to take the globe by storm after every successive model and it is continuously pushing the edges of entertainment technology to newer height. Being a top-most Japanese brand, it is regarded as one of the best brands in India mainly due to its Bravia lineup which incorporates LED/LCD Television sets. Pairing your Sony TV with excellent home theatre system or speakers will enhance your gaming experience and moving watching by leaps & bounds.

Established first in 2005, the Sony Bravia lineup is known to be one of the most-sought-after series in terms of wonderful features like surround sound support, full HD quality, 4K resolution systems and Blu-Ray/DVD player compatibility. Whereas its main research facilities are situated in Japan, this manufacture imports needed parts from China, Spain, Malaysia, Brazil, and Ecuador. The first Android TV of Sony was launched in 2014 and had 5 models which operate on an operating system of Google’s Android Lollipop. Other than that, Google Play store & the necessary functions are also highly accessible.

Reasons For The Popularity Of Sony TV

Amongst the plenty of reasons why Sony TV has acquired good status among customers, the most important reason seems to be the weight of the manufacturer name it carries. This brand has an adequate number of 4K TV and Full HD TVs. The sound quality and display features of the Sony TV seem to be marvelous. Customers immediately relate the name “Sony” with high-quality entertainment systems which are quite popular all over the globe & enjoy an unparalleled reputation. Price rate is another factor which denotes somehow to the popularity of the brand, though it seems to be little higher. Quality is ensured with each Sony item which you buy in India.

Features Available In Sony TV

There are tremendous options found in India when it comes to buying a television. The Sony TV brands come with varying features and it is offered in dissimilar price rate. The specifications of the Sony TV brand are given below:

  • X9000C series: With the specification of Ultra-Slim Android Television, you can take your viewing experience to extraordinary level. This specification brings up needed tools for smartphones & mixes them with the enjoyment of viewing stunning 4K. Measures with the thickness of 4.9 mm, these products ensure to add glory to your spacing & offer better viewing experience in future. TV shows and movies never seem good as they perform in 4K resolution.
  • W700C Series: This TV series concentrates mainly on the 1080p viewing experience & provides features like ClearAudio Plus, One-Flick Entertainment, X-Reality Pro and many others which offer diversified viewing experience.
  • X8500C Series: Found in 43, 55 and 49 inches, this TV model bring affordability in terms of 4K Android Television. Experience extreme clarity, vivid colors and some of the good apps & games found in today’s market. When you plan to buy this TV model, then there is no need to get the opinion from others. Go and order your product online!!