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Best USB Microphone For Podcasting In 2019

Shopping for the best USB microphone for podcasting can be a bit confusing given the many options available. There are also best options for studio recordings and stage shows which further complicates the choice. Fortunately, we have used most of the microphones in the market and we present the best based on our experience.

Blue Snowball USB Microphone

Blue Microphones is a leader in the podcast accessories world and its Snowball Microphone is no exception. The Snowball is of condenser type, meaning it is sensitive to nuanced vocal performances. It is surprising how this tiny microphone offers a 44.1 KHz sample rate, the same quality delivered by its larger cousins. Simply plug in the unit in any working USB port in your PC or Mac and start recording your podcast.

Audio-Technica AT2020USB Microphone

If you experience interruptions during recording then you should try the AT2020USB. The condenser-type microphone is built for maximum sound articulation and intelligibility. It comes with a low mass diaphragm that helps pass the right frequencies while keeping off transients. The microphone has a far much better quality than most units in its price range. It is made of a rugged metal that helps extend its lifetime.

Rode Podcaster Dynamic Microphone

The Rode Podcaster microphone is a common tool among podcasters due to its excellent quality. Unlike the microphones discussed above, the Rode Podcaster is of dynamic make meaning it rejects most of the unwanted frequencies. This is augmented by an internal pop filter that helps streamline the sound quality.

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

The Blue Yeti is one of the best podcasting microphones you can ever get in terms of sound quality. It features the latest sound transformation system that improves quality of analogue-converted sound signals. With the Blue Yeti, you can record podcasts in one of the four patterns preset in the microphone. It also features a gain control as well as a zero latency headphone output. This device is compatible with Windows and Mac PCs as well as most recording software.

Shure MV5 Digital Condenser Microphone

We found the plug and play Shure MV5 microphone a cut above its opponents due to its superior features. It features flat, vocals, and instruments preset modes that can be used for different applications. Sound quality is further tuned by an automatic equalizer, noise limiting, and gain controls. The Shure MV5 has a professional look that is hard to beat.

Samson Meteor

Locking out the Samson Meteor USB Microphone from the list of best USB microphone for podcasting would be unfair to the high-performing device. With a 16-bit, 44.1/48 KHz resolution and 20 Hz — 20 KHz frequency response the Samson Meteor provides quality sound. A 25 mm condenser diaphragm helps to filter out unwanted signals. A headphone jack on the unit lets you monitor the sound quality as you record.


You do not have to be a sound engineer to produce quality podcasts. With the multiple options that come with these USB microphones, you can record your podcast in virtually all settings. Play around the presets and controls to come up with a customized podcast that resonates with the application at hand.