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Best To Invest In Kucoin Shares?

The Kucoin shares (KCS) is worth writing about. One can imagine how he can take advantage of the evolution of the site and its users. (I’m sparing you the calculations of market cap and distribution, basically, it holds the road   ). I see an x2 or x3 soon. Currently, it is down, standard. It’s new, it goes up and it goes down again. In my opinion, you have to wait for it to get to 0.0001 (1 KCS converted to BTC).  Personally, I will invest a little now and add to each downward level (to be sure not to miss an opportunity in case it turns around). 0.0001 seems to me to be the lowest possible level that it can reach before a consequent recovery. Here, let’s see why it is best to invest in it.

Availability Of Sponsorship

There is a sponsorship system similar to Bitshares but more interesting because it is not limited to the first godson but extends over 3 generations. 

You receive:

  • 20% dividends on the transaction fees of the first level.
  • 12% dividends on second level transaction fees.
  • 8% dividends on third-level transaction fees.

You’ll think it smells like Ponzi, right?

Distribution And Fees

If you wish to benefit from additional discounts on commission fees, you must hold KCS! Otherwise, you still enjoy the rate at 0.1% which is already a considerable advantage over the competition. 

Regarding the sponsorship, you are not obliged to participate. It’s a plus, for free, that allows you to receive dividends. These are only techniques to attract the world. I would say that it is completely to the advantage of the traders because Kucoin exchange redistributes 90% of the revenue on transactions as illustrated below:

The other big sites have no rewarding program to reward their customers. Not to mention account problems, tickets waiting to be answered for weeks, etc. Right now, I am in Telegram group account of Kucoin, and I see that for several hours there is a direct exchange between the company and users or stakeholders.

Available Currencies

Here is the list of tradable currencies to date. It should be noted that generally when a currency is listed, it is exchangeable without charge during the first month. Note that RPX, the first application direct output architecture Neo will trade only on Kucoin to date.


This site seems safe and serious. The domain name has been registered for several years. The names of the owners appear in a search. There is nothing hidden. Personally, I’m no more worried about having an account in Hong Kong than in Delaware in the US. And who knows what Kucoin can become given enough time?