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A smart and powerful editing tool for successful flipping

Regardless of the reason for rotating image 90 degrees left or right or flipping it horizontal or vertical if the flip is not done accurately, it will fail to impress viewers eventually your good image might go unnoticed. In today’s digital era photos are becoming more important than ever as earlier people used to capture the moment for cherishing memories but now most of the social media users express their passion, experience, expertise, etc. via appealing images hence strive to enhance the quality of the images with effective editing software.

Evaluate performance

If you feel learning how to flip the image in Photoshop is quite time-consuming and challenging then you can try other high-performance software such as GIMP, Luminar, Fotor, Inkscape, Pixlr, Aviary, etc. for smooth flipping layers or rotating experience. For the people with a budget, the constraint can use some free software although they have to compromise on some advanced features. Moreover, some software offers a free trial version for a certain period so that users can evaluate the performance and usability before purchasing the full package.

Salient features

Editing needs differ from user to user; hence most of the reliable software offers a wide range of compatible and effective tools so that each user can give perfect shape to images without spending hours in front of a computer. With passing years editing is becoming more convenient, fast and flexible; consequently, everyone can save a significant amount of time and effort.  Some of the features that might be useful for transforming an ordinary image into an extraordinary piece of work are

  • Automatic Color Recovery , Sky Enhancement, Exposure, Compensation, Smart Dehaze , Natural Light Correction, Foliage Enhancement, Noise reduction, Tint Perfection , Face Retouching , Horizon Straightening, etc.
  • Quick store and automatic grouping of images and add edited photos to the icloud library
  • Instant adjustment of an unlimited batch of images
  • Sliders such as light, color, curve, level, vignette, definition, etc. for the perfect effect
  • Photo extension option