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6 Tourists Attractions in Lembang with a Cozy Atmosphere

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This Lembang area is not just crowded with tourists out Bandung alone, tons of native Bandung residents spend their holiday time in Lembang, to fulfill weekends, year-end vacations, holidays, or perhaps spend their spare time. Attractions for tourist in Lembang are complete, from beginning tours for kids to parents you may also discover it. Curious about what tourism in Lembang could you visit? Instantly we see that the review below.

  1. Bosscha Observatory

The location of Lembang from the highlands makes the oldest star binocular center in Indonesia created since 1923. By visiting the Bosscha Observatory, you might also go on an educational tour as well as with historical tours. Old buildings in this area are also frequently utilized as picture centers for people. The entry ticket price is only Rp 7,500. Maribaya

Maribaya is a tourist spot with its flagship seeing the place. You can see the green scene in the viewing post in the tree. By visiting this place, of course, you’ll feel closer to nature. This Maribaya area includes restaurants and inns inside. The entry ticket price is also low, just charged IDR 20,000 per person.

  1. Mount Batu

Looking for attractions for tourist that promote adrenaline and exploration? GunungBatu can be the solution. As the name suggests, this mountain has a topography filled with stone. However, whenever you arrive in the summit, you’ll be treated to mountain perspectives, rice and settlements areas which are very beautiful. Regrettably, the centers in Batu tend to be inadequate. To enter the GunungBatu area, you’ll be charged IDR 10,000.

  1. Begonia Park

Tours in Lembang this one includes a theme of flower gardens and conservation education. Many attractive photo spots to match your holiday photo collection. You’ll come across a lot of kinds of blossoms, but remember not to spoil them! The center is quite complete because this tour was managed by local supervisors. To put in this tourist place, you will only be billed IDR 10,000 per individual.

  1. D’RanchLembang

D’Ranch is a suitable tourist destination for men and women that like challenges. D’Ranch that’s themed with American cowboy allows you to get around the area using a horse, then you may also utilize a cowboy-style top in the USA. Facilities inside this tourist place are complete, and a restaurant and souvenir shop you could see. The entrance ticket is IDR 15,000.

  1. Stone Garden

Stone Garden is an extremely exotic Lembang tour, and here you are going to see an irregular’stone’ garden that’s very lovely. This Stone Garden is also a geological legacy in Bandung. Its place in the altitude makes the view seem beautiful. With a cost of IDR 6,000, – you can enter this region, the facilities can also be decent although there’s no MCK on the top of the stone.

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