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3 Trends in Social Media Marketing That You Should be All Over

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Many of you will already know the astounding power that social media marketing has and will continue to have for the marketing needs of your online business. Check out, this is just one company that dominates social media today.

However, despite this, it is worth noting that technology and trends are consistently changing which means you always have to be up to date with both the latest tech and how it interacts with Social Media in order to ensure that you stay ahead of the competition.

With that in mind, there are three trends currently in social media marketing that you really should be on top of in 2018.

  • Make Use of More Chat Bots

We have a big surprise for you (though probably not for most of you)! You know those friendly but sometimes annoying chat boxes that open up when you visit a website – they are not actual people. These are actually chatbots which have been programmed to converse with you.

As for your business, these chatbots can be the first contact point between it and your potential customers. These are cheaper than hiring actual people but can do the job required before a real person can be in contact with them.

  • Improving Quality Rather than Quantity

Quality has always been more important than quantity when it comes to content, but this has never been truer in the day of social media. Create a high-quality piece that has immense value for the reader and it could be shared countless times across social media and bringing more prospective buyers to your social media profiles and indeed the products and services that you are offering.

Poorly written or rehashed out content is never going to cut it – so always look for new subjects or angles that you can use when creating new online content.

  • Preparing for Generation Z

Could you imagine growing up not knowing the world without internet? This is much like many of us from generations before not knowing the world without television. Generation Z is those that were born from 2011 onwards and are the latest generation after the millennials.

These guys are going to be your future customers, so you really should be planning on targeting them more via their favoured social media platforms which at the moment is Instagram and Snapchat. Check out for the latest and most popular social media platforms.


Social media is not going anywhere and will only grow to be bigger than it already is and this is why you should always have a heavy focus in the many platforms that you can use to your advantage in terms of marketing. The three tips above are just the tip of the iceberg so you should always be arming yourself with the latest information and technology that you can be using to get your brand and business out to the masses.